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Information for Service Users and their families:
We confirm that we follow all policies and procedures in line with Skills for Health and following the
guidance issued by Public Health England and the WHO surrounding Covid-19 in terms of staff

Unfortunately, due to the variations in client policies throughout the country we are unable to
guarantee that candidates hold the requisite skills to be able to look after patients with either suspected
or confirmed Covid-19. However, we can confirm that should there be staff that require it we are happy
to assist them in getting onto the next available training course in order to do so.

We have a dedicated Nursing Clinical Team which also includes a Pandemic Lead who are in place to
ensure that the governance is always followed, and pandemic measures are carried out for all our care
staff to follow. This is to protect all workers and Service Users within the services we provide.

Please see below frequently asked FAQs for employees:
Please be aware that if you are asked to look after a Service User with either suspected or confirmed
Coronavirus and have not received all the required training, we strongly advise against doing so.
If you are asked to, please speak with your line manager immediately to ensure that the specific training
required is received.
Please also be reminded that it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with policies and procedures
of the service that you are deployed in prior to commencement of your first visit.

Vaccine Information

We are happy to announce that you can now all book your vaccines appointments! It’s been a tough
year but there is now light at the end of the tunnel.
Bookings are being offered to all health and care workers only. Please make sure to take your ID and if
you have any concerns please feel free to contact us.

Below is the link to book your place.