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best live in care service

Mayden support providing the best live in care service long term care solution at home, avoiding Residential Care Services.

Live in care

We Provide the best live in care service and 24 Hour Carer Support

Live-in care is similar to Domiciliary care. The difference is Live-in care is for people who have longer-term healthcare needs.  Which requires them to have one to one care and wish to remain in the comfort of their own home. This is an alternative to moving into a Residential Care Home.

Three key benefits of Live-in care include:
  • One to one care can promote better health outcomes
  • Care is responsive and proactive
  • A cost-effective solution

Our care services enable you to continue to live your life the way you wish in the comfort of your own home and familiar surroundings. Our team are highly trained and experienced in caring for a range of conditions and can provide the highest quality of compassionate care to ensure they can meet your needs.

The differences between Live-In Care and other types of care:
  • No routines, within out any rigid timetables
  • Specialist care will be received in the comfort of your own home, by trained carers
  • Stay in familiar surroundings, no hassle and unsettling of moving house
  • A cost-effective solution, especially for the couple to stay at home together

Range of Services

Managing Bills and Money

Managing bills and money

Healthy Eating

Supporting in the preparation and cooking of a healthy diet


Support in the following:- Ordering of Prescribed Medication Collection of Prescribed Medication Prompting and Administering of Prescription Medication

Personal Care

We can support in:- Bathing Toileting Dressing and getting ready for bed Oral Hygiene Hair and Make up Moving and Handling

Palliative Care

Care for the terminally ill, people with life-limiting illnesses.

Domestic Tasks

Cleaning Laundry Food Shopping

Accompanying Appointments

Accompanying to Hospital or Doctors Appointments or Doctors Visits

Assisting with Social Activities

We can arrange and accompany to take part in hobbies and interests.