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How to guide preventing slips, trips and falls for the elderly

Elderly people need to take care of themselves more than others. Not only to stay healthy but also to stay fit and active, they need to take proper care of themselves. Today, there are multiple facilities available that help them to stay fit and healthy with a minimum effort. Moreover, if they prefer to lead an independent living, these facilities help them a lot. There are the best healthcare services in Warrington, which you can opt for if you want such facilities. Hence, go ahead and know more about these facilities before you opt for a particular service.


Slips and falls are common to all of us. Yet, some of us are more prone to it. For children, there are the maximum scopes of a fast recovery and it decreases with age. For a normal adult person, falls and slips make it very difficult to cope up with, as there are various possibilities associated with it. The chances of recovery for older people are less and therefore, they need to pay extra attention to avoid the same. Here, we will know how we can guide preventing slips, trips and falls for the elderly.


As we already know, falls, trips and slips are common problems. One cannot avoid it completely but still can avoid it to some extent. One cannot eliminate the chances of it completely buy yet can reduce the chances of it with some precautions. Now, let us know about the same in detail.


Use Carpet at Home: Carpet and rugs cover the floor and add warmth to the atmosphere. What they add more is safety in your premises. Hence, you can secure your home by using carpets and rugs on the floor. Today, you have ample options in rugs, mats, and carpets online and in the local stores as well. You can install them according to the decoration theme of your house. So, securing the floors with these will help you to eliminate the chances of falls and slips.


Keep the Floor Dry: The second step would be keeping your floors dry so that there are almost no chances of falls. Wet floors often cause accidents in the house and you need to secure the house from the same. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floors and keep them dry always. This step is necessary to stay away from any kind of accident at home.


Wear Skid Free Shoes: Thirdly, you can wear anti-skid shoes or slippers at home. Sometimes, you can slip as the soles of the shoes are slippery. Also, the old shoe soles get slippery as it damages with time. Wearing a new pair of shoes will help you to avoid the chances of falling and slipping. Also, you can check the shoes whether they are anti-skid or not.


Avoid Wearing Socks: Socks and stockings may increase the chances of falling and therefore, you need to avoid walking with them at home. For comfort, if you need to wear socks, you can wear skid-proof shoes and slippers at home. Also, in the rainy season, make sure that you open the gumboots before entering the home. These will definitely ensure that you do not slip or fall accident.


You can search for the home sitting service or best health carer services in your locality for added safety. If you are looking for the same, here you go. We, Mayden Support, are one of the highly-acclaimed companies providing independent living services in Warrington. You can explore all our services from our official website or call us to know more. Our services make our clients happy and content with all the basic amenities. The special services for older people are one of the most popular in the entire city. To see all our clients fit, healthy, and active is all we are trying to achieve.

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