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Winter activities with your live-in care

Over the colder months, elderly people need to get involved in some kind of physical activities in order to stay fit and active. In the UK, more than 20 million people do not take part in physical activities, resulting in a consecutive lack of fitness. It gets even worse during the winter since there is a high chance of avoiding the outdoors in favour of a warm living room. However, to help the individuals seeking for live-in care program, the best caregiver in Warrington is organising fun-filled winter activities sessions to inspire them to live actively. The winter activities are essential for all and there are plenty of benefits associated with them. Firstly, such activities can promote good physical health and help you control lifelong diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes. Secondly, these can help you fight with mental illness such as dementia, insomnia and depression. Thirdly, these activities can let you enjoy life without compromising your independence. Here, we will discuss some of the winter activities that you can try with your live-in carer. So, without any further delay, let us begin with the activity names and their descriptions.

  1. Walking: It is such a healthy activity and you can do it anywhere. Set a one-hour time every day and ask your live-in-carer to accompany you while you simply take a soothing walk around your neighbourhood. You can visit the nearest park and also join walking groups to make this event more enjoyable. Walking is very good for cardio health and strengthening bones and muscles.

  2. Jogging: If you want to take your fitness regime one step ahead, you can try jogging during your walking session of the day. You can start the session by walking ten minutes and then jog for another ten minutes and repeat the session as many times as you want. This activity can not only help you stay agile but also uplift your mood by simply keeping you outside in the fresh air. 

  3. Exercise: It is absolutely a myth that exercise is only suitable for young people. The truth is that there are exercises for everyone’s needs regardless of their physical health and age. Well, if you are looking for winter activities, what can be a better way than setting a half-an-hour time for regular exercise? The benefit of private care support is that your live-in-carer can guide you and accompany you throughout the session.

  4. Tennis: If you are already quite fit physically and therefore looking to uplift your fitness regime, Tennis is perfect for you. Some clubs and leisure centres provide indoor courts to the members and all you need to do is get enrolled and start right away. Your live-in-carer can accompany you to the fitness session regularly and help you with medicines, meals etc.

  5. Football: Just like Tennis, Football can be a great way to fill your fitness session with hard work and fun. You can play along with your live-in-carer and then join a group of people alike. Any park or ground in your neighbourhood can be a suitable court for this fun-loving sport. There are endless possibilities both physically and mentally of playing such an interactive sport.

  6. Art & Craft: Finally, you can dedicate some amount of time for nurturing the creator in you. Art and craft can make you feel innovative and therefore, reduce symptoms of boredom, loneliness and depression. Be it gardening, origami or photography, you can choose any medium to portray your expression fully. There are numerous physical benefits of practising art and the primary benefit is cognitive growth.

  7. Day-Out & Shopping: Not only sports and art but also shopping or a day-out can help you boost your physical and mental health. During winter, parks, museums, theatre halls are the best places to visit and also, you can shop once a month to feel absolutely rejuvenated. No worries when your live-in-carer can be the best companion.

Above are some of the fun-filled winter activities to stay charming and agile throughout the colder months of the year. To know further, you can feel free to contact us since we at Mayden Support, provide top quality live in care support to all at a very nominal cost. We have a team of highly-skilled, trained and experienced professionals, who are well-acclaimed as the best caregivers in Warrington. We also provide several other services such as domiciliary care, respite care, supported living, sitting services and more. Each of these services is unique and you can get in touch with us to know which one suits you the best.

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