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Activities for dementia patients at home

Dementia is a medical term for a particular stage of memory loss. In dementia, there is a significant negative impact on one’s memory. Such cases need special care and we all know that love is the best way to deal with the patients. However, most of the time, we feel clueless about how to soothe or comfort the patients with fun-filled activities. For all of us, some activities refresh our body and mind and hence, these are essential. There are the best health carer services in Warrington that help you to treat dementia patients with proper care and comfort. Here, we will know about some activities for dementia patients at home. These will definitely help them to grow a healthy habit in the long run.

1. Towel Folding Game: This one is as interesting as it seems. You can ask the patient to fold a towel as it is a great way to keep him or her occupied. The patients will not only feel more successful in accomplishing the task but will also feel that they have contributed to the household work.

2. Memory Box: Making the patients feel connected to the past is one of the major difficulties in such cases. However, you can create a memory box or a rummage box that will store photographs, belongings, or anything related to the past of the patient. For instance, a box that reminds the retired employee of the career can be an ideal option.

3. Uniting the Knots: This one is an interesting activity where you will find a rope with medium thickness and loosely tie a few simple knots with it. Then, you will ask the patient to help you unite them and if successful, you will give a treat.

4. Pasta Threading Game: Find a pack of dry uncooked pasta that has got bog holes. Now, present it on a bowl along with a string. Ask the patient to thread the pasta on the string. This game is enjoyable as well as easy for dementia patients.

5. Fun Fabric Box: You can create a box filled with some printed fabrics. For the individuals who love fabric crafts or sewing, this box will be an ultimate source of joy. You can create as much variation in the fabric as you wish. For instance, the box can include lace, felt, silk, velvet, wool, cotton, etc. fabrics.

6. Picture Puzzle: This one is another fun-filled game that patients with dementia may enjoy. Find a beautiful family photograph and make a puzzle with it. Now, give it to the patient asking him or her to solve the puzzle. You can use colorful photographs to make the game more interesting.

7. Scrapbook of Images: This one is another version of the memory box where everything will be there in a scrapbook. Find out a colorful diary or scrapbook, gum, and a bunch of old photographs. Now, ask the patient to choose the photographs and stick it on the scrapbook.

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