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Your essential coronavirus shopping list

With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, it is crucial that we strictly follow the regulation regarding home isolation. Coronavirus is affecting the lives of many and to stay safe, one can only choose to keep social distancing. Now, when it comes to shopping for everyday essentials, here is a list that will help you make your own checklist. A coronavirus shopping list will not only help you to pick the right items for the upcoming days but will also help you to know the wrong items as well. Hence, you can save your budget while shopping for the most essential things for your living.

Whether you are living with your family or independently, there are specific things that you will need the most during the long phase of home isolation. It is essential to shop for those in advance and you cannot step out of home every now and then to pick those items. Here is a list that includes the most common items that everyone needs at home. As per your requirements, you can include more items that make our list of essentials. Also, remember that it is not a time for random shopping or hoarding as there might be more vulnerable shoppers who need supplies immediately.

  • Fresh Food: You need to shop items for your pantry and you can start with the fresh food items. Vegetables and fruits are such items that you can start with. Proper nutrition is very important during this phase and fruits like apples, oranges, lemons, limes, melon, pomegranate, pears will help you to stay healthy. Carrots, garlic, onion, ginger, potatoes are essential vegetables. Dairy products, milk, yogurt, cheese, bread, meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs also need to be included in your list of fresh food items.

  • Frozen and Dried Food: These are the saviors at times as these are easier to cook. As eating frozen food is not recommended for people with some specific diseases or diet, you need to ensure whether it is safe for you. Frozen food items like canned fruits, meat, fruit medleys, sweetcorn, carrots, peas, potatoes, and soups are the ones that you can include in your shopping list. Dried foods may include cereals and pulses.

  • Beverages: If you are taking any special drinks or health drinks like protein shakes, make sure your shopping list includes the same. Also, beverages like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and juices are the ones that you may choose to shop. If your doctor recommends packaged water for drinking, it is essential to shop in bulk.

  • Medicines: One of the most important items in the coronavirus shopping list is medicines. If you are taking some medicines on a regular basis, stocking for a month is essential. Also, there are some medicines like paracetamol, cough syrup, and antacids that you need to shop for.

  • Cleaning Supplies: The most effective way of keeping your home safe and protected from coronavirus is cleaning it daily with anti-bacterial solutions. Dettol, Savlon, Medicated spray, Phenyl, Domex, Colin, Mops, and dusters are the cleaning supplies that you need to shop for. Dishwashers and detergents are the items not to miss as well.

  • Toiletries: Washing your hand many times a day will help you to stay safe and therefore, you need to shop for sanitizers, soaps, and hand washes. Also, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soaps, and shower gel are some of the most essential toiletries that make your everyday essentials.
This pandemic is spreading at a large scale and it is recommended not to step out of home and instead, to stay locked inside until we are safe. Hence, take good precautions wearing gloves, masks, and boots if you are going to the market for shopping. Do not touch your face before cleaning your hands with hand wash, soap or sanitizer once you return. Dispose of all the clothes and equipment separately for washing and take a shower with lukewarm water to feel refreshed.

The essential shopping list above will surely help you to shop wisely. To know more about the precautions for COVID-19, feel free to contact us. We, Mayden Support, are one of the most reputed organizations in Warrington providing healthcare solutions to all. Services like live-in care, respite care, domiciliary care, supported living and others are rendered by skilled and experienced professionals from our team making us the first choice for our valuable clients. To know about our services and packages in detail, do not hesitate to make a call today!

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