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7 Brilliant Ways to Celebrate Your 60th Birthday

Turning 60 is special in your life and it should be celebrated in style. The best live in care services offer birthday special services to make this day memorable for you and all. As people tend to get older when they hit 60, live in care service provides professional services starting from household work assistance to domiciliary care. Independent living can no more be a challenge when you know about these services.
Whether you are looking for 60th birthday ideas for a family member, a close friend, a colleague, or for yourself, we have collected the 7 best ways to celebrate it. Starting from the venue to activities, food, and decoration- here is everything you need to do to make the day even more special. So, go ahead and try these ideas.

  1. A Classic Birthday Party: It is always a delight to organize a classic birthday party. You can organize a lavish cocktail party or a theme party that can take any shape or size. The venue can be your house or a banquet near your house.

  2. Birthday on a Cruise: Even the 60th birthday can be adventurous when you plan a cruise birthday party. Also, you can plan a cruise holiday for a couple of days as that will let you spend a romantic time with your loved ones.

  3. Birthday Shopping Trip: For some of us, shopping is therapy. To keep the crazy shopper alive in you, a birthday shopping trip can be a fun idea. Take your family members along or you can also contact the live in care services to accompany you while you shop.

  4. Dinner at a Restaurant with Family or Friends: Do you love to be wined and dined? If yes, then dinner at a restaurant can be the best plan for your 60th birthday. Enjoy your favorite meals and pop up a champagne bottle with your dearest ones.

  5. Backyard Birthday Bash: If outdoor attracts you the most, a day party at the backyard can be a beautiful idea. It will give you the essence of a picnic and to extend it further, arrange a barbeque table, and host a set of funny games for the guests.

  6. Delicious 60th Birthday Cake: Here comes the most important element or the heart of a birthday, the birthday cake. You can explore a variety of birthday cake designs or you can customize a birthday cake that looks charming like you.

  7. 60th Birthday Decorations: When it comes to the 60th birthday decorations, you need some common stuff like a 60 shaped balloon, 60 shaped cake toppers, and flowers. Also, search for some uncommon decoration items to make your venue look distinct and special.

When you hit 60, there is a transition that you will feel inside. Whether you are living with your family or alone, do not feel lonely as we are here to support you. A healthy food habit and regular exercises are the sources of healthy living that you always need to keep up. Also, invest some quality time alone doing your most favorite things. If you have a specific medical condition, regular check-ups and medicines are not to miss. For further support and health tips, we are right here.

Above are the 7 ways in which you can celebrate your 60th birthday. To plan it further, you can get in touch with us. We, Mayden Support, are one of the most renowned live in care services providers in Warrington. We provide a plethora of services for our clients to choose from including domiciliary care, live in care, supported living- to name a few. The dedication of our highly skilled and experienced professionals makes us one of the best live in care services providers in Warrington. To avail our services or to know about them in detail, feel free to contact us now!

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