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10 Benefits of Animal Companionship for the Elderly

There are numerous health benefits of owning a pet. When it comes to elderly people or senior citizens, it actually brings a lot more. For a meaningful and purposeful living, pets are the best choices perhaps. Most of the elderly care programs are focusing on the benefits of owning a pet nowadays. The awareness is spreading to support and encourage independent living for elderly people.

Whether you live alone or with family, owning a pet will bring positivity no matter what. Pets truly deserve your affection and attention and in return, they reward you with numerous health benefits. If you are willing to know the secrets of animal companionship, here you go. Here are the 10 benefits of animal companionship for elderly people.

  1. Companionship: The first benefit of owning a pet is a sense of companionship. Whether you live with family or alone, your isolation will be at par when a pet is along. Dogs and cats make a great companion as they can molding their personalities to their keepers.

  2. Routine in Life: Since pets follow a routine, the owner is more likely to grow good habits like maintaining a proper schedule. Life is more structured when you have the responsibilities of pets. There are numerous benefits of having a routine in life, which follows.

  3. Stress Reduction: Pets are great stress busters. It is proven that older people with pets have fewer signs of stress than older people without pets. Companionship brings constancy and predictability, which works in stress reduction.

  4. Regular Exercise: When you have a pet, you need to take it for a walk on a regular basis. As a result, it will work naturally as a wonderful exercise. Walking is one of the best exercises for elderly people and with pets, it becomes a soothing experience.

  5. New Interests: The happiness and positivity from owing a pet motivate the owners to find new interests in life. It can be a new hobby or an old one but the zeal for working on it will lead to mental peace and sanity.

  6. Getting Out: When alone, it becomes difficult to think of getting out daily. If you own a pet, you need to take it for a walk. As a result, you will be an outgoing person. Getting out in the fresh air is extremely good for both physical and mental health.

  7. Meeting People: Most of the elderly care programs focus on mental wellness. When you are an outgoing person, you are more likely to meet people and make friends. This practice is essential for your mental wellness.

  8. Better Protection: We all know how loyal pets are when it comes to protecting the owner. If you are living alone, owning a pet will provide better security in your life. Thieves usually avoid homes where there’s a barking dog and it will ensure safety.

  9. Caring: It is deeply satisfying to be able to take care of something. Even when you are old, desire to be useful and of value never ends, and having a pet gives you satisfaction. Also, taking care reduces stress and boosts a lot of positive energy.

  10. Keeping Busy: The commitment and dedication towards your pets give you immense strength to cope up with difficulties in life. Keeping busy is a therapy for all and for the older people, it is the best therapy.
In a recent survey conducted by the Senior Directory team, some great health benefits of having pets for the elderly have been found out. For many older people, it has resulted in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate. Older people with pets have shown decreased signs of depression due to aging. They have frequented the doctor’s clinic 21% less often.

Above are the 10 benefits of owning a pet for elderly people. To know further about it, feel free to get in touch with us. We, Mayden Support, are specialized in providing supported living services to the elderly people. We understand the necessities of older people and therefore, try to provide the best solution to all. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we provide a plethora of elderly care services that include domiciliary care, supported living, live-in care, and more. To make an appointment with us, feel free to give us a call.

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